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Click on the districts to read details and related articles to each region !

About this map

How to use this map:

By simply moving your mouse onto one of the districts, a little note will appear to show you the name of the district. By clicking on the district, you will be taken to a document describing the district in detail. Below each description you will find links to other articles related to this region. The links below will sometimes include articles from neighbouring districts, close enough to be considered in your planning. To get back to the map, please click on the “back” button in your browser or click on “District-Map” in the menu.


It is very difficult to provide accurate information on how long it takes to get to certain destinations in Kenya as this depends on many factors such as: road conditions, driving skills (off-road), season (rain can wash streets away or flood them), type of car, and of course the hours you are prepared to drive per day. Hence, the required days suggested for the differently coloured regions are only to be considered as very rough guide lines. They are to be used as an estimate only for time required for a one way trip by car. Of course, your time can be reduced increasing your speed, however we consider this a safe calculation under normal circumstances. In the end, you are out there on a relaxing holiday experience to see the land & culture, and not to try and break the record of some local rally driver whilst risking your life.

Starting point:

On this map we have respected only Nairobi and Mombasa as starting points for your trip. As the regions marked to reach within a certain time inevitably meet, please consider that this merge doesn’t mean, that you can reach everything in this colour within this time frame. Thus, for example, you cannot get from the very western part of Nakuru to the far north-east of Kilifi in one day. The districts have the same colour because the one can be reached within a day from Nairobi and the other from Mombasa.

Driving within National Parks:

At times you may have to drive through National Parks to get to your next destination. Please keep in mind, that the speed limit within National Parks is 30 km/h. The roads within National Parks are not direct and their quality can, at times, be poor. By no means should you ever leave the roads to try and take a short cut. This is strictly forbidden!! You might have a great 4 x 4 and the temptation to drive into the bush is immense, however you must respect those last few areas of retreat for the endangered wildlife. Therefore, when planning to cross National Parks during your travels, consider the extra time required in your itinerary.

Map accuracy:

For easier navigation the map has been simplified and borders of districts are to be considered as rough guidelines. As some districts are too small to be clearly marked and clicked on with your mouse, they have been omitted. If you cannot find the district you are looking for on this map, please refer to the search function to find details on this district. We kindly ask the locals of those districts for their understanding and hope no one feels offended by having their district omitted by us. We specify that the size of a district has no relevancy with the importance.



Lamu DistrictKilifi DistrictKwale DistrictTaita Taveta DistrictTana River DistrictGarissa DistrictKitui DistrictIsiolo DistrictWajir DistrictMandera DistrictMachakos DistrictKajiado DistrictNarok DistrictNairobi DistrictKiambu DistrictMuranga DistrictNakuru DistrictNyandarua DistrictEmbu DistrictKiriyanga DistrictNyeri DistrictMeru DistrictLaikipia DistrictKericho DistrictKisii DistrictSouth Nyanza DistrictKisumu DistrictSiaya DistrictNandi DistrictUasin Gishu DistrictKakamega DistrictMarakwet DistrictBaringo DistrictBusia DistrictBungoma DistrictTrans Nzoia DistrictWest Pokot DistrictSamburu DistrictTurkana DistrictMarsabit DistrictMombasa District

You are here Kenya Map of Districts