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Anjajavy Hotel

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Posted by  Simba Wednesday, 16 August 2006 12:12

Anjajavy Hotel

Anjajavy l'Hôtel

LocationThe Anjajavy Resort in Madagascar

Located on the western coast 120 km north of Majunga, Anjajavy is both an inaccessible fishing village for those who are unaware of it and an extraordinary peninsula at the end of the world. Set along the Mozambique Channel in an extremely diverse environment where flora and fauna offer a perfect reflection of Malagasy nature, the hotel comprises an outstanding complex of 25 rosewood villas facing the sea.
Anjajavy Hotel, is ranked by European standards as a Four-Star plus establishment and is ideal for the demanding eco-tourist. The 450-ha nature reserve alongside the hotel is home to over 1,800 floral species, most of which are endemic to the country along with many medicinal plants.
Tsingy, the celebrated millennial coral remains can be found throughout the forest and overlooking the bay.
The forest is also home to many animal species such as the famous Sifaka lemur (Verreau’s propithecus), the bird of paradise, chameleon and Cuvier’s oplure (a type of iguana)… The Madagascar fisher eagle takes to the sea and the coral reef, a magical combination of shapes and colours in a world of silence that remains untouched.


Some of the comfortable cottages of the Anjajavy Hotel are right by the beach.There is no road to Anjajavy. Anjajavy lies in the heart of the Menabe Sakalava territory. There are only barely signposted paths through the bush and forest.

Anjajavy can be accessed by plane from the private airline Air Hotel from Antananarivo or Nosy Be. After a flight offering magnificent low altitude vistas of all the scenery offered by the Ile rouge, you will land on a private runway on the Anjajavy peninsula. An extraordinary change of scenery is guaranteed as soon as you take off!

90 minutes form Antananarivo/ Ivato airport.
75 minutes from Nosy Be airport.

Your villa

One of the comfortable rooms at the Anjajavy Hotel - MadagascarEach villa features a large terrace overlooking the sea, a living room area and breakfast area and a bed room. A small staircase provides access to the first floor which features a relaxation room that can be used as an office or children’s/guest room.
The bathroom boasts a vast bath with separate lavatories. Your room is maintained at the ideal temperature for you by an individual and silent air conditioning system.

Restaurant and bar

Thanks to his skill in fine cuisine, your chef will surprise you with an international menu of fresh produce with just of touch of Malagasy specialties.

Swimming pool

The spacious swimming pool of the Anjajavy Hotel - MadagascarA 200 sq.m. overflowing swimming pool faces the sea.


The oasis is a completely unique location that Anjajavy Hotel is very proud of.
Designed by Camille MULLER, a well known Parisian landscape designer who also has a deep love for Madagascar, the oasis is the result of the search for harmony through all the essences to be found in this immense country.
The oasis is a genuine Garden of Eden, a place where you will find a vast variety of aquatic plants, papyrus reeds, tree ferns, climbing plants, palm trees that are home to humming birds, lemurs, malachite kingfishers, Malagasy foudis and even the rrongo…
A grid of vaporisers maintains a constant humidity level and offers a genuinely satisfying feeling of freshness during the hot hours.

The boutique

The boutique boasts a wide range of Malagasy homecrafts and beach articles.


Satellite telephone available on request from reception using the telephone in your villa.
Optional e-mail and fax transmission.
Satellite television available at the bar.

Payment methods accepted at the hotel

Only Visa International credit cards
Traveller’s cheques
Bank cheques are not accepted

Don't miss the chance to snorkel the beautiful and untouched coral reef at the Anjajavy Hotel in MadagascarFree activities

  • Water skiing
  • Catamarans
  • Wind surfing
  • Diving with flippers, masks and snorkels
  • Speed-boat driven buoys
  • Canoeing in the sea or mangroves

Fee-based activities


> 3 hours
- in a 15 km radius
- small haul fishing
180 € / boat - max. 8 pers. per boat

> Half day excursion, 5 hours
- to reef plateau 30 km away
- small haul/ long haul/ poppers / angling
240 € / boat - max. 8 pers. per boat

> Full day excursion 10 hours
- to reef plateau 30 km away
small haul/ long haul/ poppers / angling
480 € / boat - max. 8 pers. per boat

Boat excursions

Moromba bay : outstanding scenery reminiscent of Halong Bay in Vietnam…
30 € per person

Mangrove tours : as the sun set with a cocktail on board
20 € per person

Endless beaches, mangroves, shallow waters and deep sea provide plenty of options for activities at the Anjajavy Hotel in Madagascar.Land pleasures

Free activities

Excursions and walks

Total peace of mind!

Walks are open to everyone and do not require any physical aptitude. Signposted paths from the hotel will lead you to the forest, surrounding bays and fishermen’s villages.

Naci, the gardens and nature park manager, will accompany you if requested along your walks.

Below are a few examples of walks with or without guides (maps available) :

The ballade du Géant and the Allée des Rois
Through tsingy covered forest to discover the principal endemic species of Malagasy flora and fauna.

The chemin des Crabes
Discovering baobabs, the hairy crab, concretions and birds, ending with a tour of a small cave.

The grotte des Sakalava
By means of an off-road vehicle and then on foot to discover the underground world of stalagmites and stalactites and its denizens, the roussettinsis madagascariensis.

From bay to bay
Tour the Anjajavy peninsula along its wild, untouched bays.
A Robinson Crusoe day with a picnic on one of the beaches where no one will disturb your privacy.

Visiting the village of Anjajavy
Every Sunday morning under the village mango tree is market day in the small fishermen’s village of Anjajavy. Sail in by motorboat or catamaran or by SUV to meet the villagers.

Visiting the village of Ambodro Ampasy
By motorboat or canoe, visit the dispensary and primary school established by the Ecole du monde NGO, as well as the craft shop set up by the Association des Amis d'Anjajavy.
You can take part in the village’s development and help the local populace by purchasing Malagasy handicrafts made on site by the villagers.

The romantic cottages of the Anjajavy Hotel right by the tropical beach offer a stunning view.Other activities

  • Mountain bikes available
  • Fresh water pool
  • Badminton
  • Volley Ball
  • Billiards
  • French bowls

The association des Amis d'Anjajavy

The aim of this charity is to open the hotel out to its environment by promoting and helping the development of economic micro-relations based on its business. The two surrounding villages of Anjajavy and Ambondro-Ampassy are the main recipients although the other nearby villages of Antsagabé, Tsaramandroso and Ambodirano are concerned.

A proverb by Mao illustrates the charity’s founding principle: " Give a man a fish and he’ll eat it today… Teach him to fish and he ’ll eat all his life ".

The local populace receive help in the form of technical support and loans at very low rates which must be repaid over quite a short term.

The charity operates in highly diverse fields: fishing (purchasing canoes, nets, fish drying equipment), agriculture (purchase of zebus, grain, fertiliser), bee keeping (hives), livestock, handicrafts, shops and transportation (purchase of dhows for trade with Majunga).

The charity is financed in part from donations from friends and relations and in part by Anjajavy Hotel.


Madagascar’s western coast enjoys sunshine practically all year round.
In February, tropical rains reinvigorate the greenery.

Your health

No vaccination is required
Anti-malarial treatment is strongly recommended.
Ask your doctor for advice.

Administrative formalities

A valid passport with an expiry date at least six months after your return date.
A visa is compulsory :
From a Malagasy Republic embassy or consulate
upon arrival at the Antananarivo-Ivato airport (€35 in cash, no photograph required)

Airline companies

Air France, Air Madagascar, Air Austral, Corsair.

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